Art Explosion


“Art Explosion” Project for the city of Marsala

“Art Explosion – Fragments of art in Marsala. From the Ephemeral Arts Connection_International Workshop in Sicily toward the laboratory of Contemporary Culture of Marsala throw the creative interpretation of the resources of the territory”.Marsala as a place for promotion of contemporary culture and New Sicilian Identity.



This project was selected by the Council of the Mayor of Marsala and presented as A.T.S (Temporary Partnership for a Specific Aim) between the Municipality of Marsala, Stardust*, Eures Group, Almond Tree and AreaQuadro to the European Community founding for the PO FESR 2007-2013 Linea di intervento It was declared admissible.



General concept, artistic direction and coordination by Stardust*

Business plan and economical management by Eures Group

WISA (WINE & SALT) Food Design by Almond Tree

Action ARRE (Artisti in Rete – Artist in Network) by AreaQuadro