AIU (Arab International University. Damascus, Syria)


CAD CAM workshop 

Workshop organized by MAG LAB at the AIU (Arab International University. Damascus, Syria). Francesco Ducato (Stardust* director) was invited by MAG LAB (Materials – Advanced Architecture – Generative Laboratory) and AIU to direct the workshop as a main professor along with Prof. Aref Maksoud (MAG LAB director) during the whole 2010 and beginning of 2011.






The aim of the workshop is to explore processes of the CAD (Computer Aid Design) and the CAM (Computer Aid Manufacturing) their relations and possible applications. The workshop  is lead through theoretical lectures and practical experiments through the use of different 3D softwares for design and manufacturing.



PROJECT: Workshop at the AIU INVITED BY: MAG LAB (Syria) PROJECT TEAM*: Francesco Ducato
LOCATION: Damascus, Syria TYPE: Workshop
BUDGET: Confidential
STATUS: Realized in 2010 and 2011