archea is a new business related to tourism and free-time. The first realized step of this business is a Guest House in the city Center of Marsala.






Stardust* was commissioned by the same client of the Coffee Space to define and follow the regulatory framework and create the corporate image of his business on tourism: two apartments to rent for tourists in the city center of Marsala. Depending on the Italian, Sicilian and municipal lows has been identified as the best legal definition the «Guest House». After many proposals by Stardust* the client chose archea as the name for his business. Thanks to the communication strategy created by Stardust* the archea Guest House became much more than a B&B or a room rental and it can evolve towards many new businesses (the realization of the archea Coffee Space, the archea Bar, and so on…). Check out the website of the archea Guest House HERE.


PROJECT: Regulatory framework definition and following and communication strategy for a Guest House in the city center of Marsala
CLIENT: Enrico Vinci
PROJECT TEAM*: Francesco Ducato, Carla Athayde
LOCATION: Marsala, Italy
TYPE: Architectural legal advice and corporate image
BUDGET: Confidential STATUS: Realized