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  “Truthful (il Virus della Verità)”, si potrebbe definire una moderna parabola teatrale sull’ingiustizia del mondo. Di colpo, un potente Virus, fa emergere e quindi esplodere, l’eterno squilibrio tra la parte ricca e la parte povera del pianeta. In una società globale, come la nostra, dominata dalla menzogna e dai falsi valori, che…(Read More)

Rallo Azienda Agricola


The history of the Cantine Rallo wine estate started in 1860 and Rallo was synonymous with quality, reliability and authenticity. Producing elegant and fragrant table wines celebrated on the tables of the most noble families of Italy, beginning with the Savoy house and awarded in the most prestigious international wine competition. Fine wines, organically grown…(Read More)

Pisa Biennial


Our project #addauroresort has been selected for the 2nd Biennale of Architecture of Pisa as one of the best experimental Italian projects!!!! Biennale of Architecture of Pisa November 19th-28th More info about the project  www.stardustudio.com   &nbsp…(Read More)

      We have been invited by Andrea Bartoli and Florinda Saieva founders of Farm Cultural Park an independent cultural center oriented to contemporary art, to teach at the Sou (School of Architecture for Children) and give a lecture at the Farm about our mission and projects.   The Stardust*module had 30 min…(Read More)



Stardust* is honored to be part of the executive committee for the UCEE candidacy to Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2018. We overcome the first step, in the coming days Carla Athayde will be in the MIBACT( Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism) with a big team to defend this candidacy.Stay tuned! The big team…(Read More)

Casa SS


The Casa SS is a project for an innovative and empathic villa in Marsala, Italy. Integration on the landscape. Natural, 0 km, and recycled materials. Wooden structure. Screw-piles foundations. Important insulation (using straw bales). Integration of photovoltaic panels and thermal solar collectors Are some of the principles and technologies applied on the project. We…(Read More)

Makers of the Utopias


This Saturday Stardust* will take part to the event «Makers of the Utopias». Thanks to Gianni Di Matteo and Periferica for the invitation! Ruderi S. Ignazio, Mazara del Vallo 6.00 pm Introduce Carlo Roccafiorita,Periferica modera Gianni Di Matteo Interventi • FARM CULTURAL PARK, Andrea Bartoli (Favara) • Street Factory eCLettica, Alessandro Ciulla, Federica Ciulla, (Caltanissetta…(Read More)