Contemporary Art Exhibition



Carla Athayde/Stardust* was invited to the exhibition about the the «symbolic imaginary» to share her vision about the «female imaginary» through her photos.

«I think that in architecture windows are what best represents the female imaginary. They remind me the women in the villages that communicate with each other through the windows, or spend the afternoons to watch the life passing in the street, or waiting for their boyfriends.
These two photos illustrate this relationship between inside and outside.
The Casa 4: the freedom to imagine, the dreams, the waiting for a great love …
The Yellow House: the realization of this dream, the meeting, the family … » CA

WORK: Exhibition
CLIENT: Museum of Contemporary Art of Marsala
PROJECT TEAM*: Carla Athayde
LOCATION: Marsala, Italy
TYPE: Contemporary art
BUDGET: Confidential STATUS: Realized