Digital Tools


Digital Tools, May 2010_Syria

The workshop “Digital Architectural Tools as strategy for design” is an exploration about different ways to generate architectural outcomes through the translation of information-based and information-driven morphogenetic processes via digital tools.

The students, working in groups, will create an architectural skin (an enveloping system with structural capacity, able to generate space and mediate environmental conditions via information processing) based on morphogenetic strategies, conditions and information extracted and translated from their investigations and experimentations.


Students will be introduced and investigate general issues of the digital world as well as of contemporary architecture.

The main objective is to extract the information from the research as an input in order to generate a new 3D spatial output, communicating the design process through the digital skills taught during the workshop.


The Workshop is configured in 4 Lectures and 4 digital tools classes which will interweave with practical work throughout 11 days, all finalized in one presentation with jury critics and evaluation.

The workshop proceedings and materials will be published in real time on a blog as well as on architectural magazines and local and international press; the works also will be collected and organized on a MAG LAB exhibition in Damascus and Spain.

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Workshop instructors

Alessio Erioli

Professor and researcher – DAPT – Facoltà di Ingegneria, Università di Bologna (Bologna – Italia). Co-De-It co-founder and co-director.

Aref Maksoud (MAG LAB  Barcelona –Spain/Damascus – Syria)

Assistant professor in Biodigital Architecture Master and PHD program ESARQ-UIC”Barcelona-Spain”

Professor – lecturer for 3d year in “architectural composition 1 – Architecture in digital age”

Principal of MAG LAB (Materials-Advanced Architecture-Generative Laboratory)

Guest Lecturers And Professors

Francesco Ducato ( Stardust* -Spain, Italy, Brazil, USA)

Stardust*Director. Architect from the University of Palermo (Italy) . PhD on New Instruments of Architecture in the ETSAB (Technical Superior School of Architecture of Barcelona, Spain).

Artist selected by Robert Wilson to participate on summer program of the Watermill Center, New York.

Guest Jury

Arch. Prof. Muhsen Maksoud (AIU – Arab International University –  Chairman)

Dr. Prof. Paul Shenyara (AIU dean – Faculty of Architecture)

Dr. Prof. Hala Tuffaha (AIU vice dean – Faculty of Architecture)

Dr. Prof. Abd Al Ghany Maa El Bared (AIU President) –  guest member