Ephemeral Arts Connection 2013 | Norway



Ephemeral Arts Connection (EAC) is an international, experimental and interdisciplinary workshop organized by Stardust* in partnership with Elisava (www.elisava.net), the IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, www.iaac.net), Actar (www.actar.com) and many others public and private institutions. With this workshop open to students and professionals from many different art fields we wanted to create a moment of intergenerational education outside the universities, sharing our professional knowledge focusing on real social problems and activating international and interdisciplinary talent on that issue.

These actions helped the local society to imagine and build a different future for many abandoned beautiful places and started an interesting process of transformation still ongoing.

Partner in this edition Marita Isobel Solberg(StrangeMara)

After three successful editions of the workshop in Sicily it is evolving to something new.

It will take place in Italy and Norway as follows:
1. EPHEMERAL PILL – 7 and 8 of September, Marsala (Italy)
2. EAC NORWAY 2013 – 11 to 19 of September, Senja (Norway)

EAC 2013 Theme: Network.

Extreme south and extreme north of Europe in connection.


Everything is ephemeral, because everything is subjected to the flow and transformation of the life. Buildings, cities all forms of artworks, sculptures, paintings, music, theater, movies … The ephemeral is conceived as the link between the contemporary arts. Its transformative performance is related to the transformation of materials, their origins, application, cycle of life, death, recycling … the ephemeral is able to be a new experimental paradigm for sustainable development.

Arts’ connection

The value of the interaction between arts is strongly related to the dialogue between cultures. We do not need selective and rigid categories of arts and of cultures and we want to explore the richness of the combined value of arts and cultures working together. They’ll operate simultaneously, they won’t have limits or boundaries and they’ll cooperate at a new equal culture of making. On the footsteps of Watermill Center Laboratory founded by Bob Wilson, we learn the miraculous developing of global network transcending age, experience, social, religious and cultural backgrounds.

Why we started in Sicily

The capitalist model whose center of gravity is in the U.S. and in the northern hemisphere, has generated a resources’ depauperation. A model that has transformed “Europe as a territorial zipper and the Mediterranean area as a simple connector. The crisis we are passing trough is not just economic or productive and social but is, overall, the crisis of a cultural system and of a consequential planned system for the future […] The challenge in front of us, is to oppose to the mad core of the turbo-capitalism that has produced a flat and always similar architecture and transgenic cities […] the strength of a responsible and networking planning of the Mediterranean area. […] From South as main centre of the project and from Sicily it radiates a powerful energy of renewal. […] will be entirely involved in the “project for the future” that the Mediterranean communities are willing to accomplish, in a renewed pact between the city and the territory, the environment and the landscape.” (Maurizio Carta, Mediterraneo_Liquid Project) We can build a new development model, with new values. Sicily (and South) is taken as the hub of a new art’s development, the nerve center of economic, politic, social and creative growth. It has its roots in a meeting of cultures.