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Ephemeral Arts Connection (EAC) is an international, experimental and interdisciplinary workshop organized by Stardust* in partnership with Elisava (www.elisava.net), the IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, www.iaac.net), Actar (www.actar.com) and many others public and private institutions. With this workshop open to students and professionals from many different art fields we wanted to create a moment of intergenerational education outside the universities, sharing our professional knowledge focusing on real social problems and activating international and interdisciplinary talent on that issue.

These actions helped the local society to imagine and build a different future for many abandoned beautiful places and started an interesting process of transformation still ongoing.




After three successful editions of the workshop in Sicily it is evolving to something new.

It will take place in Italy and Norway as follows:
1. EPHEMERAL PILL – 7 and 8 of September, Marsala (Italy)
2. EAC NORWAY 2013 – 11 to 19 of September, Senja (Norway)

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From left to right Marita Isobel Solberg (Artist), Francesco Ducato| Stardust* (Artist and Architect), Barbara Lotero (Otium), Giacomo Di Giorolamo (Journalist), Alfredo Anania (Pisichiatryst), Ricardo Devesa ( Editor in Chief | Actar pubblishers NY & Barcelona)  © Carla Athayde|Stardust*


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