Green Attack


Green Attack

In the video “House of Cards” (2009) by Radiohead humans are made by the same particles of their environment…buildings, cities, trees…New technologies can certainly help to build the new relationship between human and nature. In Stardust* we believe that is crucial to spread the idea that vegetable, mineral and animal worlds are made by the same particles.



What varies is the performative capacity of each particle. This idea can generate the necessary respect for the environment and make us feel more part of it. Art and science can build a viable path to a new humanism where the human being is not the center of the universe but a part of it, particle between particles. Not superior, but “particular” because of its “performative” and “revealing” capabilities. Both the humans and the plants have something very important in common: still was not found either one or the other on a different planet rather than Earth. Their relationship can be studied and resolved only on the Earth. This space is very limited, we have to build a pact of coexistence.

The machines, the robots, may have this role of “intermediary” (Wall-E, EVE)…more than create and feed fears (as the field of humans in Matrix). In the movie Matrix humans are cultivated by intelligent machines to generate energy. The apparent reality of the normal people is just a software created by the machines to control them. A person becomes conscious of the truth when is released by the rebels and ceases to be cultivated by the machines. Humans and the plants now live in a strict separation. Plants that enter the city limits are controlled, are not free to develop and express their more extreme features. They have a decorative or productive role, there is no a real coexistence between us and the plants. The inner layer of the artificial base for the vegetation can be filled with technological elements necessary to get information from the free vegetation such as sensors to measure temperature, humidity, pollution, production of oxygen…This could be shared and managed by smart networks.



The Green Attack is a project by Stardust* started with BurésInnova in Barcelona. It is a hexagonal element used to cover with vegetation interior and exterior surfaces and to create a network between cities and plants. The Green Attack has been applied in several projects by Stardust* such as UOC@MEDIA-TIC, in partnership with Cloud 9 and the Casa 4. Also the idea of roof gardens is actually another way to control the vegetation within the city limits. Can we overcome the fear of the plants’ invasion? In the film “I am Legend”, the desert city of New York is invaded by wild flora and fauna of its surroundings. Can we imagine the humans operating just as the basis of the free development of the vegetation? Can we imagine a city in network also with the vegetation? Where the information from the free vegetation is shared and used to create harmony with the environment. The technology today can create the basis for the development of vegetation in all directions: horizontal, vertical, diagonal and curved. All our buildings’ exterior surfaces, and also some of interior ones could become this “field” for the free development of the vegetation.


Concept and design: Stardust*

Green integration: Burés Innova



PROJECT: Green Attack CLIENT: Competition PROJECT TEAM: Francesco Ducato, Carla Athayde, Serena Del Puglia
LOCATION: Barcelona (First step) TYPE: Industrial Design
BUDGET: Confidential
STATUS: Preliminary project