Master Intelligen Coast | Barcelona


Carla Athayde has been invited by the directors of Intelligent Coast* (Manuel Gausa, Silvia Banchini, Luis Falcón) to join the team as content coordinator

Intelligent Coast* leads a Master Program within the Foundation of Technical University of Catalonia – “Intelligent Coast, new tourist strategies, new territorial structures”-.
It organizes a conferences – “Intelligent Coast Debates” – that collects the interventions of important thinkers at national and international level. Every year Intelligent Coast promotes an International Symposium dedicated to Tourism XXL and its effects on coastal territories. That Think Thank wants to reflect about qualitative criteria to design the development on the coast, together with the agents involved in the processes of decision making.


The International Symposium “TOURISM XXL. The EUROPEAN MEGALOPOLIS” invites thinkers, businessmen and politicians to debate the new coast developing models as privileged geographic tourism areas, economy and new society. The Spanish Mediterranean coast will be the main topic.


Master Intelligent Coast*:
This one-year master’s program is divided into three quarters:
In the first quarter, students learn about and analyse the coast and the phenomenon of tourism using advanced digital techniques. Participants will use the GIS tool for interpreting the distribution of various economic sectors in the territory and its systemic interface
The second quarter is a transdisciplinary exploration of various models of tourism, from their political and economic development to their city-planning and architectural characteristics. Students analyse not only Mediterranean models but also those of natural competitors in the Caribbean and the Asian Pacific.
In the third quarter, students apply the knowledge they have acquired during the program to a comprehensive project involving a real case studies.
Each quarter is divided into a theoretical/active segment and proactive practice segment. Class time is complemented by workshops, seminars, field trips and lectures open to the general public.