New Corporate Image of the Ibdaat Magazine


Edited and published in Syria by one of the Leading Architectural group (MAG).Ibdaat is the first specialist publication for architect in Syria,covers various topics such as:(projects, interviews, books, articles, exhibitions, graduation projects, news, arts, and interior designs ) from over the world.



Distributed around the world. Published in Arabic language and includes general brief in English.Is a quarterly architectural magazine (4issues yearly).Stardust* developed all the corporative image of the magazine.


PROJECT: New Corporative image of the Ibdaat Magazine CLIENT: Ibdaat Magazine PROJECT TEAM*: Francesco Ducato, Carla Athayde, Rodrigo Arrechea
LOCATION: Syria TYPE: Concept and design of the new corporative image of and architecture and art magazine for Middle East
BUDGET: Confidential STATUS: Realized in 2010