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Stardust* and Elisava are glad to announce the third edition of the international workshop Ephemeral Arts Connection (see the FIRST edition and the SECOND edition).

It will take place between the 5th and 16th of September 2012 in the area of the beautiful Hangars designed by the famous Engineer/Architect/Artist Pier Luigi Nervi, in Marsala.

Check out the EAC 2012 Blog HERE for details.

Informazioni in italiano QUI.


With the experience of the two past editions we begin to work on EAC 2012, this time starting from the idea of “limit”. Sicily is on the border between the Arab Spring and the European economic and political crisis. It is not just a geographical boundary, but a cultural limit, between two approaches to the change. The island has always been a place of meeting and confrontation, synthesis and revelation.
The stones of the archeology prove it, telling us about the many different dominations that have followed in Sicily of peoples coming from the North and from the South. Other material signs of the “limit” condition of Sicily are the military bases still active and recently decisive (many of the warplanes involved in the mission in Libya were taking-off from Sicily. It became suddenly the military base of the western world). There are also the many military areas now dismissed,  or the “hosting camps” of the coasts where those arriving at certain times are more numerous than the inhabitants (Lampedusa). The EAC 2012 on the other hand, will attempt to show that a small revolution is taking place, even from a small town not so well known in the southern Italy. In 2011, the EAC has become the “first operational project of the Strategic Plan of Marsala” and now the challenge is to make the change permanent, to translate this approach to the long-term planning.


We will build together an “art object” .
We’ll search together for materials, techniques and construction’s methods to achieve the final installation. All 30 participants will have the opportunity to cooperate in building a unique work. It will be the result of their own artistic contributions and it will live trough their various simultaneous performances. We will try to take adavantage from the successful experience of the EAC 2010  and  EAC 2011 with the challenge to reach even better results.

Key concepts of the EAC

Ephemeral installation, parametric design, performative art, digital tools, scenography, contemporary art/architecture, glocal approach, photography, strategic planning, video art, sound art, social commitment, transformation of the reality, self construction…

Read the frist article about the EAC 2012 in Abitare HERE.

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