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Stardust* was born in Barcelona (Spain) in November 2008 from an idea of Carla Athayde (Brazilian and Spanish. Producer and photographer) and Francesco Ducato (Italian. Architect, artist and professor at international universities). It was "just an intuition" after years of intense collaborations with different international studios of recognized architects, artists and producers based in different parts of the world. After 4 years Stardust* is an international studio, well structured and able to solve many different kind of artistic commissions and to propose new realities. 2013 starts off with a whole set of plans to make Stardust* even better. Here’s a shortlist of works that we can develope for/with you taking advantage of the experience and the network developed during this 4 years: architecture, art works/installations, photography, design (graphic design, exhibition design, stage design), corporate image, web design + web programming, cultural events (concept and production), lectures, workshops, academic activities...

We’d like to hear what your wishes are for 2013. Is there something we could develope together? Let us know, and let's find the way to collaborate! Simply reply to this newsletter. Read more about Stardust* here.

2012 Stardust* projects

These are the projects started in 2012. One of them is still ognoing.

Architectural photography exhibition

Carla Athayde/Stardust* invited to be juror of an architetural photography competition

where: Province of Trapani
when: 12/2012

Contemporary art international exhibition

Carla Athayde/Stardust* invited to participate in a contemporary art exhibition

where: Museum of Contemporary Art, Marsala, Italy
when: 11/2012

Teaching in Siracusa

Teaching in a Marster at the University

Francesco Ducato/Stardust* invited to teach in a Master at the University of Siracusa

where: Faculty of Architecture of Siracusa, Italy
when: 11/2012


Product design

Exhibitor design – Milan

where: San Babila Theater - Milan, Italy
when: 10/2012

Architectural legal advice and corporate image

archea Guest House

where: Marsala City Center, Italy
when: 6-11/2012

International workshop, concept, organization and tutoring

Ephemeral Arts Connection 2012 - 3rd Edition

where: Hangars designed by Pier Luigi Nervi, Marsala, Italy
when: 9/2012

Participation at international exhibition

Eac 2011 at the European Biennial of Landascape Architecture

where: COAC Barcelona, Spain
when: 9-10/2012

Architectural project and corporate image

archea Coffee Space

where: Marsala City Center, Italy
when: 3-5/2012

Corporate image, concept and design of a 300.000 square meters events space

BMV eventos

where: Bahia, Brazil
when: 2/2012

Tutoring in an international workshop


where: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
when: 2/2012

Other Stardust* ongoing projects

These are the projects started in past years and still ongoing.

Architectural design, interior design and building site supervision

Stardust* Studio/Loft

where: Marsala, Countryside, Italy
started: 12/2011

Art installation, Industrial Design


where: Marsala, Italy
started: 10/2011

Addauro Hotel****

Architectural, interior and landscape design

Addauro Hotel****

where: Siracusa, Italy
started: 3/2011

General concepts and values of Stardust*

Stardust* Manifesto

where: Marsala, City Center, Italy
started: 4/2010

Architectural project

Casa 4 - Green Attack integration in the pergola

where: Marsala, Italy
started: 1/2010

Industrial design

Green Attack

where: Barcelona, Spain
started: 11/2009

More projects

Check out HERE all the other Stardust* projects

Stardust* works as a network.

The fix core of Stardust* is the hub for the coordination of know how, artistic skills, expertise, talents and also legal/regulation frames, organization and economical management of the work…

In each project Stardust* activates specific skills and talents from different parts of the world for the best realization of the work.

This is possible thanks to Internet, the new technologies of information and communication and the easy, different and low cost transportations. This evolution defined a new concept and operational methods of the Stardust* Office/Studio/Lab. The physical space, the studio, only works as physical archive (soon not needed anymore for many aspects of our work thanks to the digital archives), a library (we still have many books even we also read e-books) and the eventual physical meetings with the clients, collaborators, partners in special phases of each project (that now mainly happen in Skype). However in Stardust* we think that is very important to create the good spatial conditions for the creative work and also to get the people involved physically together in some moment of the process. So we decided to design and build our Studio/Loft that is at the moment under construction. It is a sustainable, silent – double high studio/loft of 210 square meters in the countryside of Marsala, in Sicily (southern Italy), 15minutes by car from the main airport of the area, equipped with a very good Internet connection, surrounded by olive trees and mediterranean vegetation, perfect for the creative work (follow the work in progress here).

The Stardust* Network is in constant evolution. Here is an idea of its dimension until now. We have:

* Structural or installations engineers everywhere Stardust* has open building sites or architectural projects in advanced phases.

* Graphic Designers in Barcelona (Spain) and Porto (Portugal).

* Programmers in Italy and Brazil.

* Lawyers in Rome (Italy) and Bahia (Brazil).

* Many young architects and artists collaborating with Stardust* around the world.

Stardust* products

Every Stardust* client receive as a gift a bottle of the olive oil produced from the field in front of our* new Studio/Loft. It is an extra virgin olive oil produced from different varieties of olives collected from multi-centenary trees always belonged to Francesco’s family. They were cultivated with biological methods and the olives were picked by hand and squeezed out right after. The olives trees are mythological plants deeply related with the history of the Mediterranean people. This is a test of the territory we are immersed in, a test of the Mediterraneo. From 2013 you can also purchase the Stardust* Extra Virgin Olive Oil just mailing

Soon more products related to our places and projects. Check them out here.


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