Micro Architecture Contest | 3 March – 3 May 2016


Stardust* is very happy to be a partner and jury of this great competition!

 The theme of the first edition of 10m ² is Space for hospitality: a temporary shelter for widespread hospitality.



Gandolfo Gabriele David, Federico Orsini, Gianni Di Matteo, Anna Lambertini, Francesco Ducato, Francesco Lipari e Marco Terranova em Periferica.

We thought that one of the first steps to reactivate our abandoned area is to prepare it to host the protagonists of the process, whether they are students, young professionals or operators. We want to convert 200 square metres of the quarry in a guest area, through the use of temporary shelters designed in moduls.
A system of mobile elements, adaptable to the needs of Periferica and its partners, for events and initiatives, including the urban regeneration festival. The shelter shall be movable, lasting in time, efficient; it has to: allow a flexible use, be made with sustainable materials, but, above all, be feasible.

It must be designed for both covered and outdoor environments and provide illumination, air ventilation and an adequate repair system against water.

There are no formal restrictions: the only limits are those of maximum 10 square meters and maximum 3,5 meters height.

The contest which aims to collect the best ideas in the field of Architecture and Design towards the planning of temporary and innovative equipments.
We want to demonstrate the power of sharing, creativity and resilience: let know your project to all and realize it.

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