Since its first steps Stardust* is engaged in the construction of its Research & Development & Innovation network dedicated to the study of technological and operational innovation to be implemented in every project to ensure the highest quality.



  1. The sustainability of our projects

Rational work organization and design choices with the aim of reducing the energy and material consumption. Use of the local, natural and recycled materials applying on them the contemporary intelligence.

* Ventilated roofs and façades;

* Appropriate insulation and correct thermal bridges ;

* Use of the natural resources, energy and materials;

* Space recycling and attention on the use of new ground respecting the existing nature;

* Integration between landscape and built environment, between nature and building;

* Use of the vegetation for the energy saving and the creation of comfort;

2. Integration of the new technologies, the built environment and the nature

The new technologies are used for an efficient long term management of the built environment, the energy and resources saving, the creation of the correct comfort conditions for each function. The technology helps on rediscovering nature through the contemporary intelligence (smart building and smart environment)

* Domotics

* New technologies of information and communication integrated to the built environment

* Advanced materials

* Last generation lighting systems for the best results on light design

* Digital fabrication processes, CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing) during the design and realization process

* Use of advanced softwares for the design, energy checkup and the management of the buildings

3. The creation of unique products

Thanks to the R&D&I every project is different from the other. The Stardust* clients can be sure that they will have a unique product created for them and their companies with the highest international standard. This allows them to stand out in the global market and in their local contexts obtaining an important image return.

“Innovation has been placed at the heart of the EU’s strategy to create growth and jobs for 2020. EU countries are encouraged to invest 3% of their GDP in R&D by 2020 (1% public funding, 2% private-sector investment) – this is expected to create 3.7 million jobs and increase the EU’s annual GDP by nearly €800 billion.” (Research and Innovation; www.europa.eu)