Stardust* Manifesto


The Stardust* Manifesto is a list of the main principles and ideas of Stardust*. The Stardust* projects are developed coherently with it. It is “progressive” because it is in constant actualization. The Manifesto has been published for first time in the poster for the lecture “About Stardust*” at the University of Architecture of Bahia, Brazil. The 4th of May 2010.

Stardust* Manifesto

* We are particles suspended in the infinite universe. Particles as all the other particles, just with different performative abilities. Why should we feel superior? *

* The house of all of us, our Homeland, is the Planet Earth. The local problems are everybody’s problems because they have effects to all of us. So we all together have to think on how to solve them *

* Everything is ephemeral, everything changes. We have to learn to do buildings that know, without regrets, to become something new, that we can disassemble and move, that are versatile and flexible. Buildings in which we control the origin, the process of transformation and the later use of each material and element *

* The energy flows from a natural element to the other. “Don’t fight the forces, use them” (R. Buckminster Fuller) .

* Architecture is collective art.* It is necessary during the teamwork that everyone has the consciousness of his/her role in relation to the general art project. That everyone feels comfortable and enjoy the work. At the end the project will get benefited *

* The new technologies and the new media of communication determined a revolution on our life and on the artistic teamwork. They give us more freedom and they allow us to realize the old utopias 

* The intuition is expression of the mystery of the human mind. It is the door to our evolution. We need to take care of it and improve it *

* The love for the life is the base of the artistic work and it is necessary to learn to give space to all the emotions and human manifestations *

* The economy comes and goes. The art, when is good, stays *

* The life is art of the meeting and everybody is autodidact *

* Emerald City exists and it is that place where everybody, after a bit of adventures, wants to go back home *

* The good architecture establishes a relation with the sky, during the day and during the night. It can’t be symmetric *

* The 4 seasons are different depending on the place. How could the architecture have always the same relation to the environment and the time? *

* The building is body. It has skin, muscles, bones, organs, vital fluids and mind. The good architecture has soul and looks for the deal between its body, its mind, its soul and the environment *

* The architecture can’t be represented, it has to be directly experienced with the five (or more?) senses *

* Art and Science are two faces of the same coin. Two applications of the human creativity and have to be respected and improved *

* Our future will be feminine *