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UFBA University of Bahia


Lecture_ About Stardust* – Unviversity of Bahia (FAUFBA), Brazil


Carla Athayde (Producer/Photographer) and Francesco Ducato (Architect/Artist), founders of Stardust*, have been invited by the Director of the University of Bahia (FAUFBA) to give a lecture titled ‘About Stardust*’. They talked about the background and the projects of Stardust*.On the flayer of the lecture has been published for first time the ‘Stardust*s Progressive Manifesto’.



ROJECT: Lecture at the UFBA – Brazil INVITED BY: Director of the FAUFBA PROJECT TEAM*: Francesco Ducato, Carla Athayde
LOCATION: Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Conference Hall of the FAUFBA TYPE: Lecture
BUDGET: Confidential
STATUS: Realized in 2010