UOC@MEDIA-TIC with Cloud 9

This interior design project was the first project in which Cloud 9 and Stardust* have been partner.

It consist on the interior design of three floors of the Media-TIC occupied by the last generation university UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya).

It was another chance to apply the Green Attack piece and a very special moment of collaboration between two generations of architects, between us and our Master Enric Ruiz Geli.

Authors: project by Enric Ruiz Geli/Cloud 9 and Stardust*Green Attack piece: by Stardust* and Burés Innova

Photos by Carla Athayde

Furniture by STUA

Softwares by Carlos Silva/Admira

PROJECT: UOC@MEDIA_TIC CLIENT: Competition by invitation PROJECT TEAM*: Francesco Ducato, Carla Athayde
LOCATION: Barcelona_Spain TYPE: Interior Design
BUDGET: Confidential
STATUS: Preliminary project