Venice Bienial


Biennale di Venezia 2008 – Cloud 9 Exhibition design by Francesco Ducato



We need architecture beyond buildings. Architecture must go beyond buildings because buildings are not enough. They are big, wasteful accumulations of natural resources that are difficult to adapt to the continually changing conditions of modern life. Worse, most buildings are not designed by architects. They are the result of economic considerations, they are put together by formula, and they are the final results of endless negotiations. For that reason most buildings are ugly, useless and wasteful. Yet architecture is beautiful. Architecture can place us in the world in a way no other art can. It can make us at home in modern reality. It offers and shapes that most precious and luxurious of all phenomena in the modern world: space. It is just that buildings are very bad at giving us what we need from architecture. How can this be? We must start by clearing up a bit of confusion. Architecture is not building. Building is building. It is a verb. A building is a structure. Architecture is everything that is about building. It is the way we think about buildings; how we organize buildings; how we make buildings; how buildings present themselves. Buildings are obviously the most complete ways that architecture appears. But by the same token they are also the tombs of architecture. It is difficult to find architecture in buildings because buildings are defined as much by codes as by the theories of architects. Buildings codes, safety codes and access codes, but also financial codes , the codes of the context, and codes of behavior, not to mention the computer codes that maximize building components  in the design process even before value engineering, define what we experience when we see a building. So we must look beyond, within, before and after buildings to find architecture. What do we want from this thing called architecture? We want it to do what buildings are no longer capable of. We want it to make us at home in a modern world that is increasingly changeable, confusing, and seemingly out of our control. We want to help us know that world through the particular framing devices proper to architecture. We might even hope that, through the structures, cadences and rhythms, and the choreography of space, we might find our way through that modern world. We must find architecture beyond building. We may find in pure experiments in form, structure and space. We may find it in the deformation of our physical reality or its revelation. We might find it by restaging our world so that we can play the roles that we want to enact. We might find it temporary or enigmatic structures, through actions that make apace our own or in simple cocoons. But we must find it. Buildings canbe avoided.


Architecture and Patents by Cloud 9

Exhibition design: Francesco Ducato

Graphic design: André Macedo

Production: Marta Borges

Models: Guillermo Beluzo & Marcelo Corteza

Photography: Lluis Ros and Nicolas Koenig

Robot: Andreu Català, CETpD, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya

Bubbles: Pep BouEnergy

Speech: Jeremy Rifkin

PROJECT: Venice Biennale CLIENT: Enric Ruiz Geli/Cloud 9 PROJECT TEAM: Francesco Ducato
LOCATION: Venice_Italy TYPE: Exhibition design
BUDGET: 68.500 € STATUS: Completed in 2008